demise of the hive

sad news friends…the radio station closed today- lack of funds. the southernBELLZ are no more- however the blog LIVES!!!


i don’t really miss tV….but i do miss pauladeenisms

Lollapalooza Playlist

via Lollapalooza Playlist.

if in doubt…

flavorPILL mixTAPE

new music from cut copy, MIA, the naked and famous, ra ra riot and MORE

download the mix HERE

citizen’s guide to coffee

don’t know about you but my day doesn’t officially start until i have my morning cup of joe. the team at plaid crated this chart for the perfect pour.

long time no post….. excuses.lets get to blogging.

ran across this site today and i kindof love it. DATING BRIAN

i was up late with friends scouring youtube for hilarious videos and came across this one…. thanks marcin

do you need help little man?????